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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guest Post by Substitute "Mom-Schooler"

I was a Substitute Homeschooling Teacher for four days.

Well... almost four days. Somehow things got away from me on Friday, and we were out on a "field trip" for pizza with friends instead of sitting on the school beanbag learning our History lesson. But I hear random "field trips" are common in the Homeschooling circle.

This week I had the privilege of stepping into Michelle's shoes and caring for her three kids while she was away. I ALSO had the privilege of *attempting* to homeschool her two youngest while she was gone. As a "Sub," for Michelle,  I jumped at the opportunity to do a "guest post" on her homeschooling blog. She doesn't even get to edit it...(right?!?)

In thinking about what to put in this special guest post, it seemed only logical that I include a list of what I, the "outsider," learned about homeschooling. Note: The term "outsider" only means that I grew up in the public school system and never experienced the joys of homeschooling! This is a non-exhaustive list of things that I came up with:
  • Homeschooling means EVERYONE learns--even the teacher. At times, it felt like I the teacher was learning more than my students! For example, in Language Arts I learned that the word, "swum" is sometimes acceptable..something like a "past-present-participle helping verb". Oh, and for Science, I learned that the Arctic Terns travel 35,000km every migration season (whoa!), and that the Fairy Tern doesn't even lay its eggs in a NEST--it just plops 'em down in a branch groove or fork! It was revelation after revelation as Homeschoolin' Hillary taught the two prodigies.
  • Homeschooling means it can be Pajama Day two days in a row.
  • Homeschooling means kids can be done school by noon and have the rest of the day to just be kids!
  • Homeschooling gives you the teacher the excuse to say things like, "When was young, we...(wrote 32,445 instead of 32445; spelled that word THIS way; didn't have calculators; didn't have "txting language"; had chalk slates; walked uphill both ways; had nothing but dirt and a rusty can to play with at recess)
  • Homeschooling means more cuddle time and quality time spent with the kids you love...which only reinforces to your children the truth that they matter to you and are special!
  • Homeschooling means you can explain to kids that Evolution just can't hold a candle to our Creator-Yahweh! God can be incorporated into every subject (well...Math is a hard one...but I prayed more about getting through Math than about any other subject!!!)
  • And........Homeschooling means you can be wild and crazy and innovative and tailor the lesson to keep your children interested in learning. For example, this is how this Substitute Teacher decided to practice Math one day: 

It was such a cool experience substituting for Michelle this past week. Homeschooling takes a lot of patience, time, and energy...but I can see how these two kids are thriving and growing as a result of their mom's commitment and sacrifice. It's amazing. And, Michelle--I would sub for you again! As long as you keep their Math and L.A. assignments reduced... ;)

Stay strong in the Lord and the power of His Might!

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  1. Ah, Hillary! You've made me laugh, you've made me cry. I feel so loved that you would do this (caring for my kids) and so validated by your comments. Love you!

  2. Ah Hilroy,
    I laughed, I cried, you moved me (Bob). OK, I didn't actually cry or laugh out loud, but I smiled real big! I feel like I'm missing out by not teaching my kids. Alas, I want them to survive to adulthood.

  3. Some say the elegance and organization of math points to the existence of a creator.

    I hardly know you Hillary but every time I read something you write it is time well spent.

  4. So glad you feel some of home school joy! I did it with our three and have so many wonderful memories to pull up when I need a hug :)
    And something about where some birds lay their eggs... Wow!